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Please call ahead to verify days, times and if we are currently accepting items

As all parents know, kids grow – and FAST! So what do you do with all their gently worn outfits and toys? WE WANT YOU TO SELL TO US!

binWe buy gently used children’s clothing that has been washed and are free of stains and harsh odors. Because we want to provide the very best for our customers we don’t take merchandise that has been torn with even the slightest holes or has been “too loved” over the years. Toys and baby gear that are in good condition and meet safety regulations may also be sold to our store. Unfortunately, we cannot take any plush toys or bedding and we do not resell car seats. Items that we have a surplus of stock on or may not be selling well at the time may also be declined, but we encourage you to check in with us in the future, as the needs of our clientele are always changing and our inventory revolves on a weekly basis.

We’d like to take the opportunity to inform our selling customers that because we are a second hand “mom and pop” shop – we, unfortunately, have to buy low in order to sell low. The purpose of our store is to provide affordable gently used items to the community. If you are looking to make a larger profit from your items, it may be best to try to sell them individually online rather than offering to sell them to any second hand store.shirts

Depending on the wait, we may be able to see you immediately or we may ask that you write down your name and number and we will get to your items based on a first come first serve basis. You are more than welcome to stay with your items or drop them off. This is completely up to your comfort level. Once we have priced your items and calculated your total we will give you an offer. YOU ARE FREE TO ACCEPT OR DECLINE OUR OFFER.